Revenue Processing Solutions has provided card processing solutions for our company for years. Should you look up Customer Service in the dictionary, RPS would be mentioned. RPS takes their vendor/customer relationship very seriously…always going above and beyond to ensure the customer’s needs are always met. RPS is extremely knowledgeable in not only traditional card processing, but also alternative processing solutions such as PIN-debit ATM. Any company who would like to perform card processing and be able to always leave their worries at the door, RPS should be the first number they call!

Community Choice Financial

We like doing business with Revenue Processing Solutions because they handle all our processing needs for us. They provide one-stop shopping. They are our processing concierge. One call and everything gets handled. We don’t waste time wondering about our processing because we know Rick is taking care of it.

West Suburban Currency Exchange (37 retail stores)

Doing business with RPS is like that STAPLES ad… EASY. The rates are fair and don’t have hiddenor misdirected fees. Rick fixes our problems and finds solutions for our processing needs.

Barr Management (50 retail stores)

Rick always goes the extra mile to take care of us. We are particularly happy with the Remote Deposit Capture; we are getting funded in less than 1 hour.

Check Cashing & Loan